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Lauren is a very insightful consulting astrologer. I found her to be both gentle and daring, both as a guide through sensitive topics in the natal chart and in formulating strategies for challenging transits. Her use of timing techniques served as an affirmation on the areas of progress I already felt I was being pulled toward.

Nick C.

Lauren is very knowledgeable and passionate about Astrology, in general, and about calculations, specifically. I got to experience that firsthand when taking her Chart Calculation Class. Lauren is a very instructive and patient teacher and strives to meet the needs of her students. Many thanks to her for her desire to educate others about Astrology.


Talking to Lauren helped me gain new insights, using the symbolic language of Astrology to discern patterns and relationships. Taking time to talk through your dreams and plans with a compassionate person is something everyone deserves and will find rewarding. Lauren's background in Social Work and caring nature is evident. She also made some very insightful observations that have proven valuable and stayed with me throughout the year.

Catherine C.

Lauren’s introductory class on astrology at my library was comprehensive and captivating for our patrons! We had several students thank us for bringing her and her knowledge to the library. Best of all, she was easy to work with—I had a vague idea about what kind of program I was looking for and she took it and ran with it, communicating with me along the way.

Adam Gilbert-Cole, William Jeanes Library

 My reading with Lauren was enlightening and reaffirming of what I was going through. Her astrology is helped by her education in social work and her personal experiences in life. She taught me more about astrology even though I thought I knew some already. She is also kind and is a great person to talk to.


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